characteristics and supply chain

The calf is born on the vast pastures of the area and remains with the mother feeding on mother’s milk until weaning which occurs naturally through the most palatable plant essences of the mountain meadows.

The food, an essential component that guarantees the safety and quality of the meat produced, is exclusively vegetable, composed of fresh or hay fodder and cereals coming exclusively from the Territory.


The Carne all’Erba del Giarolo-Panà-Ebro is the product of a harmoniously integrated animal husbandry between the maintenance of the breeding and the natural resources of the earth, calves born and raised in the Territory and reared exclusively on pasture and with local food: the The entire supply chain is also favored by the typical climatic conditions of the area, which allow to obtain exclusive qualitative parameters and inimitable organoleptic characteristics.

The tenderness, color and flavor of meat with grass are safe indices for the consumer who intends to follow a natural diet with a high nutritional value: the meat is tender and lean and has a low level of cholesterol, being rich in high biological value proteins, vitamins and minerals.

These nutritional aspects, which are so important, are the result of extreme attention to each phase of the rearing process, from the control on the pasture land to the morphological evaluation of the animals and relative genealogy, from the verification of the slaughtering to the cutting phases.